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I can just leave a list

 I love the idea that I could leave a list. They were very helpful.

~ Helen Moran – Fishersville, Va

Heaven sent

I could not manage my home without CIDCS . They are professional, do superior work and appear to treat my errands as their own. They address our errands with respect I have utilized their errand running service. They have been fabulous to work around our schedules. Try them, they are heaven sent!

~ Amy Clockner – Staunton, VA

   Thank you, thank you Consider it Done Concierge Service comes to us every Tuesday. They do such a good job. I leave a list of things to do and they do it. Now, my children keep count. They say we have more "family time" on those Tuesdays. When both parents work, that's really big!

 ~ Dot Bendix – Waynesboro, Va

  Worth the money CIDCS does it all. It's impossible to find a better service in the in this area. From Paying bills for me to grocery shopping, their performance has been excellent. We feel we can rely Consider it Done Concierge Service for our shopping  and errands, and they free up so much of our time. As two busy professionals, we are really thankful that this flexible and efficient service exists. We couldn't do it without you!

 ~ Marc and Robin King – Waynesboro VA 

Help with sick husband

I have an invalid husband and just can't find time to get everything done. Consider it done Concierge Service has been doing my, shopping, dry cleaning and other task for a few months now , they're more like an old friend now rather than a service and I don't know what I'd do without them.

~ Misty Campbell – Stuarts Draft , VA

  Help with errands 

I contacted the service for help with errands .Everything went great and I would use the service again. WONDERFUL!!!

~ Fred Coons – Staunton , VA 

Help every week

I use Consider it Done Concierge Service as a catch all for anything that I have been unable to get to during the week.  I sit down the night before they come and write my list.  I like being able to ask for something different every week.

~ Britney Lantz – Waynesboro, VA

    Visit from my aunt

A couple weeks ago I found out my aunt was going to come for a visit. It had been an especially busy week at work I needed to get my other errands completed before she arrived. What could have been a very stressful situation turned out to be wonderful -CIDCS saved the day! They arrived right on time, and were able to handle all of my requests at the last minute. And I had a terrific, stress-free visit with my aunt. Many thanks to Consider it Done Concierge Service for being there when I needed you most!

~ Veronica Dingus – Stuarts Draft , VA

      Very flexible

 I have been very pleased with this service. I think the best thing about it is the fact that I can leave a list with each service date and every errand is done. I can change my list and add or delete items as needed. I also like the idea of "buying time" versus just the whole flat rate, of most businesses .I can utilize my own time for organization, laundry, re-potting plants, cleaning closets. I'm so glad that the owner  Shawn came up with this idea. How clever! Try it, you'll like it.

~ Fran Wingfield – Crimora , Va


You guys are incredible! I love your work, and just wanted to let other people know about your great service. I have my own company and family, and don't know how we would get everything done without you

Maggy Freedman – Stuarts Draft, VA

    Great gift

I initially used the services of CIDCS on a gift certificate I got for Christmas never intending to use the service again, but they are reasonable and commended for a job well done. I'm now a regular customer and plan to stuff stockings this Christmas with tons of their gift certificates!

~ Glenda Bloom – Mint Springs , VA

      Busy family

CIDCS has been a fantastic help from shopping to running errands, they have been a great help. With a house full of kids coming and going it sure makes life that much easier using this service. The staff are timely, personable and know how to get the job done. I would recommend their services to anyone, whether it be a simple errand or a few days a week. Thanks to CIDCS I can come home and relax!
~ Alice Knott – Waynesboro, VA

  For a small business

I run a small business, and Consider it Done Concierge Service will deliver packages for me. That service in itself is perfection. 

Randy Milstone -  Crimora , VA

   Buy three hours "I never know what I will need done from week to week. So I buy three hours of time and leave a list of things to do. When I get home in the evening, all my errands are done."

- Hanna Viggers – Waynesboro , Va